Simulated Process

Simulated Process is the technique of using a combination of 6 to 9 colors to achieve life-like prints on all colors.  This process allows us to produce photo realistic designs that can’t be achieved with a CMYK process print. This printing process is not for the faint of heart; it takes more time, cost and preparation. 20140805_166620140529_147320131018_0880 20131014_08659cb68d3739e016f9dd4ea2a1b06dac03image-4

Get Your Bling On.

Some designs just need a little bling!  Whether you want to foil, add rhinestones, studs or print with a metallic ink, we can take care of that for you.  Let us give you a custom shirt with the bling integrated into the design, leaving you with a great, high quality product.  In the end, this can increase the value of the shirt and gain you more sales and profit!

Custom Embroidery

When it comes to custom embroidery, we offer some of the highest quality embroidery in the industry. We have top notch digitizers and take extra time in the digitizing, sampling and the run process to make sure your logo looks spectacular and not just ok. We often add extra stitches to the stitch count to get a nice dense, full looking embroidery. It is so fun to hand customers their new custom embroidered products and see the smile on their face. Check out some of our embroidery on Pinterest.

Mosaic Threads is you best choice for Billing’s custom embroidery. We offer some of the best priced embroidery and the best quality embroidery around.

3D Raised Embroidery

You see 3D raised embroidery everywhere in the market place today. Raised embroidery is a great way to add desire and value to your products. The process of raised embroidery is harder and bit more expensive than normal embroidery, but the value of your product is much higher. Give us a call and see if your logo works for raised embroidery.

Thirsty for great advertising, put your logo on a water bottle.

Water bottles make a great promotional gift.  It seems as if you can never have too many when you are on the go.  I know that in our home we have many different types of water bottles from businesses and events, and they get used quite often.  What better advertising than having your logo in people’s hands for years.  Put your business logo on some water bottles today and stay hydrated!.

Lip Balm for Luscious Lips!

Dr. Michael Stuart, DDS, has some new lip balm! Need promotional products? We can do that!