Mosaic provides free online stores to help support and fund schools, sports teams or any other organization looking for an easy and free webstore or a fundraising opportunity! We can sell anything you want on the store.

Our free online stores with fundraising options provide schools, churches, teams, non-profits and sports leagues with online fundraising opportunity. Our online stores offer thousands of products to pick from that can be customized with your designs/logos. Once your online store is closed we produce and ship directly to your customers or you can pick up at our store. We also offer an on demand store that you can keep open year around.

You receive a generous commission from the proceeds of every sale from your store. We do all the work and mail you a check!

You can offer a wide range of products. You can do stickers, signs, apparel, custom sublimated apparel and so much more.

Mosaic uses the latest printing and embroidery technologies to produce your orders. We try to make it as easy as possible for you to sell swag and make money doing it.

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Embroidery – A great way to market

Embroidery – A great way to market your company, team or event! You can have your logo embroidered on hats, coats and many other items. It is a great and inexpensive way to show others what you are up to. Check out our site and see some of the items we have done.
Email us at or call us at 406-647-3435.

Work Boots

I recently found an in-depth article about work boots.

Everything You Have to Know About Work Boots

When it comes to dependability, nothing shields your feet quite like a pair of work boots. Taking the proper protection measures with your footwear can greatly reduce the threat of injury, bodily harm, fatigue, and other such beneficial mentions. With the many different selections scaling the marketplace, it is important to prescribe the right pair for the desired work space. Below is a detailed look at 24 different products, with a sampling of selections extending from each subcategory of work type. Beyond the products, we also present a detailed buyer’s guide that helps to pin point areas of focus for a successful purchase. We also help to answer a few of the burning questions that may puzzle users in the selection process. Read the whole article here.


Silipints – A Revolution in Drinkwear

Get the most joy out of your hydration with durable drinking cups that are ready to be squeezed, shaken, stirred, and served. Silipints are silicone drinking glasses that bring fun to every occasion. Unbreakable drinking cups for kids of all ages, creative containers, and everyday drinking glasses –they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and all orders of versatility. Why not add color to your cupboard and smiles to sips? Life is better Sili.


Sili Versatile Pint

We considered giving Silipints a middle name: Sili Versatile Pint. It doesn’t have the same ring to it but it’s certainly apropos of a product that’s dishwasher safe, microwave safe, oven safe, and freezer safe. You can use the same Silipint as a glass for ice cold beer or cup for boiling hot soup. The same cup can be a popsicle mold or an egg poacher.  Who knew a single cup could do so many things?


Unbreakable and unmeltable

Unbreakable and unmeltable, Silipints are as rugged as you and just as eager for adventure. Silipints are remarkably durable – they won’t chip, scratch, or crack. Throw them in your camping box, cram them in with your boating gear, or squeeze them into your fishing pack – you won’t find a more willing adventure companion. And best of all, Silipints come with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee.


Silipints are great insulators, keeping your coffee hotter and your beer colder, all the while keeping your hands comfortably, well, comfortable.
Heat Safe
Silipints can take the heat. Silicone is the ultimate in heat safe – it can withstand temperatures up to 500 °F (260 °C). Set them on a hot grill, use them to grip your hot dish, or scoop some muffin batter and pop them in the oven.  They won’t melt and they’ll protect your hands from the harsh.
Cold Safe
Silipints love the freezer. They’re cold-safe and ready for you when you want to pour yourself a frosty one, scoop ice, or make popsicle and snow cone delights. They’ll keep your smoothies chilled, ice cream cold and provide a simple solution for storing grease for reuse. They won’t crack and they won’t break but they’ll probably make you smile.

Your Local Screen Printer

Mosaic Threads, Your local Screen Printer

Mosaic threads provides local screen printing, embroidery, custom design and promo products.  We love to work locally and on the national level.  A good portion of our business is comprised of companies from around the United States.

In Montana or across the country we can deliver

Whether you are in Montana or across the country, we cover the shipping and deliver right to your doorstep. We make it so easy to work from your computer so you never have to set foot in our physical door. Check us out on Pinterest

 Mosaic Threads has great quality, great custom design, great customer service and we guarantee all of our products.  We love to be your local screen printer. We are located in Billings, MT.

Simulated Process

Simulated Process is the technique of using a combination of 6 to 9 colors to achieve life-like prints on all colors.  This process allows us to produce photo realistic designs that can’t be achieved with a CMYK process print. This printing process is not for the faint of heart; it takes more time, cost and preparation. 20140805_166620140529_147320131018_0880 20131014_08659cb68d3739e016f9dd4ea2a1b06dac03image-4