Easily collect orders and payments with our online web store or we can offer you order forms to hand out to potential customers.

Getting your group together in custom gear has never been easier. We’ve simplified the process so that you can focus on your group’s experience. Now everyone can place their own orders, find and enter their sizes, pay for their items, and even have them shipped directly to their homes.

Money managed

No more collecting cash. Now all your participants can purchase products themselves online with your free online store or by returning a form to you.


Don’t guess on sizing. Let your group members select their own sizes using the measurements that we provide on each product.

Order Fulfillment

Your gear will be separated into individual orders for pickup or shipped your way. Get it all in one big box or ship packages individually to your group members homes.

Webstores Build Awareness for Causes, Raise Funds, and promote Team Pride

Selling apparel is a great way to raise funds for a group or cause, and we can help you set up your store while you kick back and watch the sales roll in. The best candidates for an online fundraising store will have an extensive social media presence and the time required to advertise your sale.

We’ve helped groups raise thousands with our online fundraiser program!

Looking for a way to get Gear out to Fans?  Online Stores are an Awesome tool for Group Ordering.

  • That way everyone can purchase exactly the quantity and sizes of shirts they need.
  • We’ll work with you to set a sales goal and a timeframe to run your sale.
  • You can elect to have all orders mailed to one central party, or we can arrange to ship orders individually.
  • We will need your design for pricing andsetup. We can create or you can send it to us.

Timeline For Webstores

  • We recommend 1-2 weeks for selling the shirts.
  • We need about 2 weeks to fulfill the order, so a total of 3-4 weeks.

Timeline For Webstores

  • We help in determining what price point you should sell your shirts
  • You have the ability to set the sale price of your apparel
  • Many people choose to sell t-shirts for around $20-$25.

Additional Fees and requirements

  • An additional $1.50 charge per sale for handling and website maintenance
  • A 3% charge on the retail cost to cover credit card transaction fees
  • You need to commit to purchasing at least 12 shirts.

Marketing your store

  • Post on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram
  • Add web store links to your website
  • Make flyers
  • Call your friends and family
  • Do whatever it takes to get those sales rolling in
  • Let people know that shirts are available for a limited time to encourage sales during the two week store run
  • A deadline encourages people to buy!

Distributing Your Shirts

  • Come to our store and pick up all orders. Orders are separated out and bagged for you.
  • Your customers can come and pick up thier orders at our store.
  • Ship all apparel directly to the customers.

What are you waiting

Contact us today about starting your webstore, and let’s sell some merch together!