These are concentrated pigment based dyes that penetrate the fabric with a thin layer of ink producing a soft feel. The printed image also softens more after washing and they will last just as long as t-shirts screen printed with regular plastisol inks.


Discharge screen printing is a process used to print lighter colors onto dark background fabrics. It works by removing some of the dye in the garment and replacing it with ink. This means they leave a much softer texture. They are less graphic in nature than plastisol inks, and exact colors are difficult to control, but it is especially good for distressed and vintage prints. Shirts made with 100% cotton need to be used in the discharge screen printing process.


Water-based inks are a good choice when a “soft hand” is desirable. A soft hand is the condition where the ink film cannot easily be felt with the hand when passed across the surface of the fabric.